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PMI-ACP® Exam Prep Materials & Courses

pmi-cert 260GR8PM (pronounced "Great PM") is proud that the 2012 launch of its suite of PMI-ACP® exam prep materials and courses has been received to great acclaim.  GR8PM has become the leading provider of PMI-ACP® classes and materials in North America...and beyond!

The suite of products includes:

BOOK - Exam Prep Plus Desk Reference

EXAM SIMULATOR - On-line with a continuously expanded and improve Q&A DB

FLASHCARDS - A comprehensive 150-card exam prep deck

STUDENT NOTEBOOK - A completed, printed, bound collection of the PowerPoint slides used in class, for easy note taking

CLASSES - Led by highly experienced and qualified PMI-ACP®

The core intellectual property found in the GR8PM PMI-ACP® exam prep book goes far beyond mere exam prep; it is also a Desk Reference for real world Project Managers. To that end, it includes extensive endnotes to help you locate useful source information. Those endnotes will be invaluable long after the pain of the exam has faded! After you become an PMI-ACP® your boss and coworkers will expect you to be an expert in all things Agile. And that is when you will return to this Desk Reference time and time again.

At GR8PM we have great confidence in the quality of our work! So this book gives you a 100% Money-back, 1st Time Pass, Guarantee! If you don't pass the exam the first time – for any reason – in the first 90 days, just send us the original notice from Prometric showing you didn't pass and your purchase receipt, and we will send you a you a check for the purchase price...no questions asked!

All of these products are more than just exam prep – they are career builders! Find more information about each of them on the PMI-ACP® pages of this site.

PMI-ACP® Programs for PMI Chapters

man 260At GR8PM we believe PMI®'s red hot PMI-ACP® Certification is a rich Chapter opportunity! And because we are dedicated supporters (and evangelists!) for PMI-ACP® Chapters we have created a process to help you build your own independent program with member-volunteer instructors.

What Is In It For You (the Chapter and VP)?

  • More high-value, high-impact, member engagement
  • Chapter membership and revenue growth
  • What Is Included?
    • Fully-supported PMI-ACP® Prep Class program (that means more member value and less work!)
    • High-caliber Instructors during the "Start-up" period
    • Train-the-Trainer plan for Chapter self-sufficiency that includes Instructor PPT slide decks...for free!
  • Read all the details on the pages under the PMI Chapters tab.

Video Channel

If you found GR8PM's training on YouTube, you probably want to download the Training hand-outs. Enjoy the training, and then help us create more high-quality, free traaining for you by choosing to "Like" and "Share" it! Thanks.

GR8PM, Inc.

books-stack 260At GR8PM we view Traditional, Agile, and Hybrid project management frameworks as complementary tools that every professional project manager needs to know how to select and use. Making the right framework choice – Traditional, Agile, or Hybrid – is a significant first step to delivering a successful project. Because every successful PM is a pragmatist, we know that once he or she has mastered the framework and its tools, she or he will make the right choice in applying a Traditional, Agile, or Hybrid approach to leading the project to success!

We also know that employers and client organizations want the assurance of well trained professionals leading their projects. Therefore, we provide world-class exam preparation for the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® based on in-depth review and analysis of all 11 books on PMI's list as well as our own expertise. These materials and resources give each student the benefit of insight from our bona fide experts!

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